OTMA Savings

If you would like to open an account please visit any one of our 31 branches.
OTMA Savings

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Earns Interest (1) Yes
Minimum to Open $10
Minimum Average Balance to waive service charge $0
Monthly service charge if balance below minimum $0
In person withdrawals per month (3) 5 Free per month
$3 per withdrawal thereafter
Electronic Withdrawals(10) 6
Monthly Statement Free
Next-Day Availability of Funds(6) Yes
Cost per transaction for use of Non - LCNB ATM's (7) $2
Online Banking, Mobile Banking & BankLine Free
FDIC Insured Yes
Notes & Disclosures  

(1-10) See corresponding notes in Notes & Disclosures

*NOTE: Once the child turns eighteen(18) years of age, this account will be charges with appropriate fees for a Statement Savings Account