Investment Management

In the current economic environment where investors are confronted with different options on a daily basis, we want you to know that LCNB’s Trust Department is committed to providing personal investment service to our customers, not selling products. The investment service we provide includes the following:

    Individually managing our customers’ accounts (selecting fixed-income securities such as corporate bonds, government paper, or tax-free bonds, as well as stocks and liquidity investments)rather than placing assets in an array of private label mutual funds;

    Listening to our customers before investing their assets and focusing on specific income and growth objectives rather than placing their assets in a predetermined investment model;

    Regularly monitoring account asset allocation and making necessary changes in portfolios to meet customers’ needs rather than waiting for them to call us;

    Basing our management fee on the asset value of an account rather than charging undisclosed fund-based fees or transaction-based fees;

    Providing solid returns with the least possible risk rather than sacrificing quality for yield;

    Maintaining personal service relationships; meeting regularly with our customers face-to-face rather than conducting business by impersonal, long-distance communication;

    Ensuring three Trust Officers are responsible for each account; Trust Officers have 20+ years average experience;

    Taking our fiduciary responsibility very seriously


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