Welcome Eaton National bank & Trust

LCNB Corp. and LCNB National Bank are pleased to announce that an agreement pertaining to a proposed plan of merger, subject to regulatory and Eaton National Bank & Trust shareholder approval has been signed with First Capital Bancshares, Inc. whose main office is in Eaton, Ohio. For further details pertaining to this announcement please see our press release.

For Eaton National Bank & Trust Customers, we welcome you to our website. We are excited about the opportunities that this plan presents for both of our organizations. Both organizations are dedicated institutions with long histories of providing community banking services for their customers in all of the communities we serve. The combination of like philosophies on community banking should serve only to provide synergies with how we have operated our banking businesses in the past. We are excited for shareholders and customers alike on what the future holds.

Take time to explore the link to our branch sites https://www.lcnb.com/pages/info%20pages/branches/branchinfo.html. In addition, when you have time or if you are interested in reviewing our public financial information please click here https://www.lcnb.com/pages/lcnbcorp/lcnbcorp.asp. We are proud of our history, stability and our how we have managed our institution in the past and especially through these most recent economic times. If you have questions about what you see on our website, please take time to contact us by using any of the methods for Eaton National Bank & Trust customers listed at https://www.lcnb.com/pages/info%20pages/contact.asp, or by using any of the methods listed to the right.

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