Education & Awareness

Information is always changing and we know how important it is to stay up to date. We put together a list of resources to help you along the way. Take a look and let us know if you have questions!
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General Information

A one-page guide to how long you need to hold on to old tax returns, home purchase papers and other financial documents, and what you can safely get rid of.

Find out more about what is happening in the Wealth Management division of the bank.
Investment Updates
A video covering all the ways that you can get financing for a vehicle. 
FTC Financing a Car Video
Find tips and resources for kids ages K-12 that can help them better understand personal finance.
Youth & Money
We partnered with MoneyPass ATM to bring a network of ATMs to you fee-free! If you are out and about you can reference the locations page and find the closest fee-free ATM to you!
Find a MoneyPass ATM
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General Security Information
Hijacking is when a scammer obtains personal financial information and uses it to hijack your bank account. Review statements regularly to check for any fraudulent activity.
Have you received an email that you don't recognize asking for personal info? Verify the source first by following the guidelines attached.
Debit Card
Losing your debit card or having its info stolen is scary.  Read about our tips to help prevent it. 
If you lost or had you debit card information stolen, call us at 800.344.2265.
Scam Awareness and Prevention

Scammers can obtain personal information a variety of ways; know  how to prevent it. 
Online Banking

Online Banking is a convenient way to access your account. But it is important to take all precautions so that only you are the one accessing your information. 
Identity Theft

Reduce your risk of Identity Theft by being aware of all the ways you can help prevent it. 
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Scams in Real Life
Romance scammers are out there so take precaution when looking to find love on the internet.
Did you know that Military consumers report losing more money to scammers than regular consumers? Don't fall for the traps. 
If someone sends you money only to ask that you send it to someone else, be weary. Learn the facts about Money Mule Scams and how to report them.
Money Mule Scam