Hometown Checking Plus

Benefits of our Hometown Checking Plus Account
Minimum to Open
Cash Back 

$.05 Cash Back for all Debit Card transactions $5 and greater (up to $10)

Added Value
  • CD Bonus of .15% (Does not apply to promotional CDs)
  • Free Small Safe Deposit Box for first year new rental ($25 value)
  • Free Cashier’s Checks
  • Customer 60+ may receive 2 boxes of LCNB National Bank custom checks per year at no charge
Monthly Statement
Free EZ Statement
(Paper Statement $1.75 per month)
Online Banking, Mobile Banking & BankLine Free
Bounce Protection Yes
Earns Interest Yes (View Rates Here)
Monthly Service Charge
You can eliminate this charge if you use three (3) of the following four (4) banking services per statement cycle:
  • Elect to receive our electronic EZ Statement
  • 15 or more debit card transactions (ATM withdrawals not included)
  • Maintain a combined average balance of $10,000 or more per statement cycle
  • A LCNB National Bank loan payment Auto Deducted

  • Maintain a combined balance of $100,000 or greater per statement cycle. Combined balances include funds in Checking, Savings, CDs and IRAs
Notes & Disclosures
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