Great Value CD Rates in Cincinnati, Columbus & Dayton, OH Areas

Looking for great rates on CDs in the Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, OH area? Call LCNB National Bank! We offer terms from seven days to 120 months, with a minimum balance of $1,000 required to open a Certificate of Deposit.  Each is automatically renewable and has a substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Visit one of our offices or call us at (800) 344-2265 today to open your CD. 


In addition to our traditional investment services our Trust Department offers a broad range of FDIC insured retirement savings options for individuals. Variable and fixed rate CDs are available for investment of Traditional, Roth & Coverdell Savings Accounts.

Variable Rate IRA CDs

Our variable rate IRA CD earns a market based rate of interest and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) that is adjusted quarterly. There is no required minimum balance to open this type of account and there is no limitation on the number of deposits that can be made. There is a penalty for early withdrawal with this account.

Fixed Rate IRA CDs

Our fixed rate IRA CD offers you a competitive rate and APY. You may purchase this instrument in terms ranging from 6 months to 120 months. The minimum deposit to open a fixed rate IRA CD is $1000. No additional deposits can be made prior to maturity. There is a penalty for early withdrawal with this account.

Each Certificate of Deposit has its interest compounded daily and paid either monthly or quarterly. Each is automatically renewable.

These Retirement Savings Accounts are great ways to ensure your future and help you save on your taxes too. You should consult your tax adviser regarding the deductibility of your contributions to these accounts. The IRS has an established maximum contribution limit for all IRAs.