Lifetime Checking

Benefits of our Lifetime Checking Account
Minimum to Open
Minimum Balance $0
Added Value
  • CD Bonus of .15% APY* (Does not apply to promotional CDs)
  • If over 60 years old, you will receive:
    • 2 boxes of LCNB National Bank custom checks per year at no charge
Monthly Statement Free EZ Statement
(Paper Statement $1.75 per month)
Online Banking, Mobile Banking & BankLine Free
Bounce Protection Yes**
Monthly Service Charge
$3.00 (add $1.75 per month for paper statement)
  • Eliminate $3 service charge if you have a Direct Deposit of $500 or more 
  • Eliminate $1.75 if you elect to receive our electronic EZ Statement
Notes & Disclosures View Notes and Disclosures Here

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield
** Yes. You will be charged our NSF (Overdraft) Paid Item fee of $35 for each overdrawn item created by a traditional paper based check, a teller withdrawal, an automatic payment (ACH) transaction, or a recurring debit card payment. Overdrafts above and beyond your established Bounce Protection limit may result in checks or other items being returned to the payee. The NSF Return Item fee of $35 will be charged per item and assessed to your account. You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive end-of-day balance as soon as possible, and must do so within 30 calendar days.