Lifetime Checking

Benefits of our Lifetime Checking Account
Minimum to Open
Minimum Balance $0
Added Value
  • CD Bonus of .15% (Does not apply to promotional CDs)
  • Free Small Safe Deposit Box for first year new rental ($25 value)
  • 2 boxes of LCNB National Bank custom checks per year at no charge
Monthly Statement Free EZ Statement
(Paper Statement $1.75 per month)
Online Banking, Mobile Banking & BankLine Free
Bounce Protection Yes
Monthly Service Charge
$3.00 (add $1.75 per month for paper statement)
  • Eliminate $3 service charge if you have a Direct Deposit of $500 or more 
  • Eliminate $1.75 if you elect to receive our electronic EZ Statement
Age Requirement Must be 60 years of age or older to qualify for this account
Notes & Disclosures
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