Xavier Garcia

Client Testimonial - Xavier garcia

Guidance Through Communication

To many Americans, learning about finance is like learning a whole new language. For immigrants and non-native English speakers, it can be even more difficult to accomplish basic financial tasks, like preparing for taxes, transferring money, or even cashing a check.

Multiservicios Aqui and its owner Xavier Garcia have been providing money services to its Spanish-speaking clientele in and around Columbus for seven years.

“Our typical customer is hardworking and dedicated to their job and family. They came here for a fresh start,” Xavier said. “They want to do things right, but the system here is unfamiliar to them. We provide that guidance.”

Multiservicios Aqui has an appropriate name. In English it means "multiservices, here." Customers can cash checks and get assistance with wiring funds or other transfers.

“Our customers trust us. Almost all of our business comes through word of mouth,” Xavier said. “Beyond the services we provide, we are their link back home, wherever that may be.”

Xavier knows the importance of such a link as much as anyone. His parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic more than 30 years ago. His mother ran a similar business.

To continue serving as such a valuable resource, Xavier needed a bank that would understand the vital role his business plays in the lives of his customers. Two years ago, Multiservicios Aqui’s former bank ended their relationship because they didn’t want to fund money service businesses anymore.

Xavier started his search for a new bank at the same place many people do: Google.

Google Maps provided Xavier with a map of banks near him, and Garcia called them one by one. LCNB was the only one that made time to explore a relationship with Xavier.

“As soon as I found LCNB and they were able to collaborate with me and my business, it was a weight off my shoulders,” said Xavier.

LCNB branch officer Jennifer Heasley worked with Xavier to understand the business and craft a plan that gave him everything he needed. For Multiservicios Aqui, business picks up exponentially during tax season, which posed a cashflow challenge.

“In serving Xavier, one of the biggest things is anticipating the business. During tax season, he is so, so busy, and his needs increase dramatically,” Jennifer said. “By ensuring those lines of communication stayed open, we were able to arrange the resources he needs to service his community during the busy season.”

Jennifer worked with Xavier to ensure Multiservicios Aqui has the financing available to meet whatever’s coming up on the calendar. Every time Jennifer visited Multiservicios Aqui, Xavier’s employee Roger taught her a new Spanish word.

“It was our privilege to be the bank who said ‘yes’ when a lot of others had said ‘no,’” Jennifer said.

Even though Jennifer left LCNB to spend more time with her family, all of our staff embodies Jennifer's approach to banking.

“LCNB is very kind to us,” Xavier said, “Very professional, and very flexible when it comes to our needs.”

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