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Welcome to Autumn - Learning to Fly      

2023 Wealth management bulletin

Michael R. Miller, JD, CFP®
Executive Vice President
Wealth Management Head
513-932-1414 ext. 59101
Blake wants to be a butterfly. In her mind, she will be pink and purple and have wings. Of course, she will be able to fly. And she is going to be a butterfly…for Halloween. I should explain that my granddaughter is four years old and already has big dreams.

Blake wants to be a butterfly. I want her to grow up and still be able to dream. I want her to be educated, responsible, thoughtful, and most importantly, independent. A strong, independent woman who will always believe that being a butterfly is possible.

Independence is a process. It involves paying attention to your experiences, and learning from your mistakes. It involves counting your blessings and fulfilling your personal responsibilities. Independence is a good thing, a goal that most people share. But independence, without interdependence, may not be so positive. It can be isolating, frightening, and even lead to negative consequences.

Like most people, my wife and I take pride in our home, in its current condition, and the inviting environment we have created. But a plumbing or electrical problem will make it clear that we are somewhat dependent on others. Interdependence means knowing your limitations and when seeking professional help is the proper, and necessary, course of action.

Investing is a lot like that. Independently, one can understand inflation, interest rates, dividends, the difference between stocks and bonds and any one of the myriad of investment alternatives available. But trying to deal with all those things at once requires a thorough understanding of how they interrelate. In short, qualified, professional expertise and advice. Investing on your own can be like me doing a plumbing project at my house. I can identify the problem and probably even make a list of the component parts required for the repair. Regardless, without professional help, I know there will be a leak somewhere.

The team at LCNB Wealth is here to allow you to be interdependent when it comes to your financial reality. We understand how the component parts fit together to satisfy your financial needs. We have the expertise and experience to make sure there are no leaks in your unique financial situation. Solid investment advice, financial planning, insurance planning, and trust and estate services are areas in which we can assist you so that you can achieve financial independence and long-term security for you and your family. Let’s have a conversation and see how we may help you to clarify and reach your financial goals.

Blake wants to be a butterfly. With my daughter-in-law’s ingenuity and my son’s creativity, at least for Halloween, she will be. Able to fly? Not with the costume. But with proper planning, paying attention to her emotional and physical growth, and the 529 Plan that Grandma and I have established for her, she will be able to spread her wings and be the responsible, strong, educated, intelligent, and independent woman that we all hope her to become. Then, she will be able to fly.

Happy Halloween. Don’t forget, without dependence on others, there would be no candy.

Thank you for your relationship with LCNB | Wealth.
Best Regards,

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