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2024 Wealth management bulletin

Michael R. Miller, JD, CFP®
Executive Vice President
Wealth Management Head
513-932-1414 ext. 59101
My grandson, Julian, will turn two in June. As a grandparent, it has been a great joy to watch him grow from a baby into a toddler. Every day is a new discovery. Every interaction is an adventure, one that he will not remember, but that I hope to never forget.

And as he grows, he seems to learn something new every day. For example, learning to talk. From sounds to words and then multiple words strung together. But one of the more interesting words he has learned is “no”. While important to him, it can be aggravating and, at times confusing, for his parents and grandparents. Eat your broccoli. ”No”. Time for your nap. ”No”. Do you want some ice cream? ”No”.

He has learned that the word can solicit a reaction, and in his own way, has learned that it can give him a little bit of power. So, for him, the negatively perceived word is a positive word. In the dictionary, all the definitions of the word, “no” have a negative connotation; an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning. But in some circumstances the word “no” can be a positive response.

“No” is a word that none of us likes to hear. But as children, and even young adults, that word, directed at us, was often meant to keep us safe or at least make us think before pursuing a foolish course of conduct. As adults, we typically do not want anyone telling us that we should not do or pursue something that we think is advisable.

In the world of investment and financial advice, sometimes “no” is perhaps the best thing for us to hear. For hearing “no” in this adult context is not usually as absolute as hearing it as a child. For the “adult no” is usually qualified with phrases such as …no, but you should consider; or…no, but have you thought about…; or…no, not with your current level of assets or income…; or…no, not now, but maybe in the future.

When it comes to financial, estate, and retirement planning advice, sometimes “no” can be the most positive thing to hear. Where that “no” is delivered by someone who is objective, experienced, and who understands your financial and family dynamics, it can be the correct response. A bridge to a better idea or more appropriate course of action.

We at LCNB| Wealth are actually pretty good at saying no; at the right time and in the right circumstances. Our experienced and independent financial professionals also understand when “yes” and “of course” make sense to help you make the most of your financial resources. We should have a conversation about your financial goals and dreams. We may (k)no(w) some things that will help you and your family on the road to a solid financial legacy.

It is not always pleasant to hear Julian say “no”. But with his bright blue eyes and beautiful smile, it is a word he rarely hears from me, his Pop-pop.

Enjoy the Spring and let us (k)no(w) how we may be of service to you and your family.
Thank you for your relationship with LCNB|Wealth.
Best Regards,

Wealth Team — Causes for Celebration
  • Employee Engagement and Community Involvement:
  • Welcome Angie Crumbley! - Angie Crumbley joined the LCNB| Wealth team as an Associate Trust Officer in January. She will support our Trust Administrators with new accounts, distributions, and account file maintenance as well as supporting the Director of Wealth with reports for the monthly Trust Committee meeting. Angie attended Sinclair Community College and has over 30 years of banking, mortgage lending, small business and compliance experience. She resides in the Morrow area with her husband, Jeff, and enjoys spending time with her adult kids and grandkids in her free time.
  • Congratulations Izabela and Erin! - Trust Officer Izabela Camacho and Wealth Investment Officer Erin Hawk, recently earned the designation of Chartered Special Needs Consultants® (ChSNC®). Bestowed by The American College of Financial Services, the esteemed ChSNC® credential acknowledges their expertise in addressing the distinctive hurdles encountered by individuals with special needs, their families, and caregivers. Izabela and Erin armed with the ChSNC®, stand poised to guide and support such families in navigating federal benefits and financial management.
  • Welcome Andrew Verba! - Andrew Verba joined the LCNB| Wealth team as an Investment Client Care Coordinator in February. He is responsible for maintaining both existing and potential client relationships. Andrew updates and creates client presentations, meetings, and maintains the accuracy of reports to help drive investment decisions. Andrew graduated from Lebanon High School with Honors and started working with the LCNB Client Care team in late 2021. Andrew lives in Maineville with his husky, Delilah. When not looking after his dog, he can be found in the gym, cooking, or playing video games.

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