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Further Together

Business is always better when you can shake hands and look each other in the eye. We do right by our clients, using our unmatched experience and expertise to help bring their vision to life.

At LCNB, your banker isn't just your banker. They'll serve you as your partner, confidant, and sounding board to discern the best way forward. They'll work to get to know you and your business like no one else.

So when the next opportunity presents itself, you'll be ready.

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The Power of Local

We make our decisions in-house to ensure your strategy is sound, the turnaround is quick, and our service is exceptional. We stand by our terms, so you can make progress with confidence.

In It Together

Solutions are more than a simple "yes" or "no." Our entire LCNB team will work with you to find an even better way forward.

Always Within Reach

You'll never have to wonder if your banker is thinking about your business between check-ins. They're always just a call, text, or email away.

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Drop us a line to tell us more about yourself and your needs, or contact one of our loan officers directly. They're looking forward to serving you.

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