Debit Card Resources

Here at LCNB National Bank, we aim to provide you with comprehensive debit card services. Our service extends to clients throughout the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, OH areas.

Lost/Stolen Debit Cards

If you have lost your debit card or if it was stolen, please follow the steps outlined below.

Please call LCNB National Bank at 1-800-344-BANK in order to speak with a representative to get the card deactivated.

LCNB National Bank's Hours are:
Monday - Thursday: 9AM to 5PM
Friday: 9AM. to 6PM
Saturday: 9AM to 1PM

If it is after hours, please call our after hours call center at: 1-800-344-BANK and follow the prompts provided.


If you have downloaded the MyMobileMoney Access App* you can mark your card Lost/Stolen immediately by clicking on the Green On/Off button and proceed to the next screen and slide card On/Off option to off. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the card is permanently lost or stolen and you would like a replacement card, please contact LCNB National Bank at 1-800-344-BANK and request a new card. 


*MyMobileMoney Access App is available at both Android® and Apple® App stores for download (card must be present to enroll).

Card Control –  My Mobile Money Access App

LCNB National Bank has partnered with My Mobile Money Access app to provide you an app that allows you to control your LCNB National Bank Debit Mastercard®! My Mobile Money Access, with enhanced card controls and dynamic alerting capabilities, provides you with the ability to monitor and manage your LCNB National Bank Debit Mastercard® accounts and to receive and respond to alerts instantly through your mobile device… anywhere, anytime!

  • Account Management – conduct balance inquiries, transfers between accounts on your card, debit card usage history.
  • Location Controls* – set geographic parameters for card use, and option to disable the use of the card if outside the defined location of your mobile device or specified region. 
  • Transaction Controls – set specific transaction parameters by type, and set dollar amount thresholds.
  • Interactive Alerts – identify unauthorized activity as the transaction is taking place by receiving alerts with transaction details on your mobile device, ability to determine the transaction is unauthorized or fraudulent and turn off the card.
For more detailed information on setting controls, click on the User Guide or FAQ buttons below. 

* The Location setting must be enabled at all times on your mobile device for the My Location feature to work. The My Region feature of location controls does not require the Locations Setting to be enabled on your mobile device to use. Please consult with your Mobile Provider regarding any fees or cost to use your Location Settings.

My Mobile Money Access User Guide


My Mobile Money Access FAQ

Available for download here:



Debit Mastercard® Guide to Benefits

Mastercard® provides benefits for each type of debit card that LCNB National Bank offers. Below are links to the Guide to Benefit that corresponds with the particular card that you have been issued. The Guide to Benefits contains detailed information about insurance and retail protection services and other benefits you can access as a Debit Mastercard® holder. This guide supersedes any guide or program description you may have received earlier.
To file a claim or for more information on any of these services, call the Mastercard® Assistance Center at
1-800-Mastercard: 1-800-627-8372, or en Español: 1-800-633-4466
Click below for the Guide to Benefits:

Mastercard® Resources

Reduce your need for checks by using your LCNB National Bank Debit Mastercard®. You have the security of knowing that Mastercard® provides you with Zero Liability with any unauthorized transactions.

For more information about Mastercard® Zero Liability protection, please click on the action button below.


Mastercard Zero Liability


ApplePay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay®

You may use your LCNB National Bank Debit Mastercard® with any of the above mobile payment methods. Simply add your card to your mobile wallet for ease of use at any merchant that accepts Apple Pay®, Google Pay® or Samsung Pay®. Enrollment is required which may involve contacting LCNB National Bank at 1-800-344-BANK for verification and enablement of your mobile device.

MoneyPass® Surcharge Free Network

We know how important it is for you to be able to access your money from across the United States which is why LCNB National Bank has partnered with MoneyPass® to provide you with a surcharge free nationwide ATM Network. You may go to or download the MoneyPass® app from your mobile device’s app store or you may search for ATM locations using the LCNB Mobile app to find an ATM near your current location. Be sure to always look for the MoneyPass® logo when using a selected ATM and if you ever encounter a screen to charge you with a surcharge, the ATM may no longer be part of the MoneyPass® Network any longer.

Education & Awareness 

LCNB National Bank also provides you with additional resources to learn more about ways to protect yourself from possible fraud or identity theft. Use any of the resources in our Education & Awareness section to help prepare you for fighting against scams, phishing, skimming or other ways that unauthorized users may obtain your Debit Card information along with any alerts or notifications.

Education & Awareness

Fraud/Identity Theft