Cash Management

LCNB's Business Cash Management is an online tool that gives any size business the tools necessary to maximize the efficiencies of effective cash management. LCNB National Bank has captured the ability to securely provide an internet based application that can help you with ongoing tasks such as account reconciliation, electronic payments or deposit processing through ACH. A positive pay service to help prevent check fraud is another solution provided with Cash Management.

LCNB's Business Cash Management is a secure module built into our LCNB Online product. This module allows businesses to create individual users in which you the business control the users and their level of security and abilities and authorizations.

The module is divided into separate services. The services include ACH and Positive Pay. LCNB's Cash Management is available 24/7 and once the setup is complete and the users have been created, any of these services can be performed anytime, anywhere from any internet accessible work station.

LCNB's Cash Management is very cost effective and user friendly and will help any size business continue down the road to success. Effectively and efficiently managing your business is and can be very resource consuming. Let LCNB's Business Cash Management assist you today by providing you with the proper electronic tools to help you have more direct control over your funds and assist in your success.

For more information including fees and how to get signed up today, please contact an LCNB National Bank Branch Manager or Sales Rep today.

* LCNB Cash Management service may be down for brief periods for updating and maintenance. Any planned downtime will be indicated as a notification on the log in page of LCNB Online.

ACH Origination Service

The ACH service included in the module provides you the opportunity to streamline your cash management even more. ACH is a safe, secure and easy way to process electronic payments and deposits.

These types of transactions include
  • Direct deposit of payroll
  • Payment of State and Federal Taxes
  • Cash Concentration
  • ACH transactions

     - Child support payments
     - Collect membership fees
     - Collect donations and tithes

Positive Pay Service

Positive Pay is an additional service in the Cash Management family that helps you to reduce possible check fraud. Positive Pay provides you the ability to upload a file from your accounts payable software and match the check information to what is presented to LCNB National Bank for payment. You have the flexibility of returning checks that become an exception item due to mismatched information. This helps protect your account and your funds against forgeries, alterations and counterfeit checks or incorrect information.